Spring Boot book published via Infoq

Posted at — Sep 10, 2018
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I am so happy because today my Spring Boot book is finally available! See https://www.infoq.com/minibooks/spring-boot-building-api-backend for all the details.

I would like to thank the people at Infoq for making this a reality: Ana and Charles.

Huge thanks to Ben Evans for the technical review and Lawrence Nyveen for reviewing my English.

Further I got to thank Matt Raible for creating the InfoQ Minibook Template so that I could write the book using Asciidoctor.

As a final thank you, these are the great open source technologies that are used in the book:

On a side note: The book uses Spring Boot 2. If there are people that want a version for Spring Boot 1, I can give that since the book started with Spring Boot 1 originally. Just contact me via email at wim dot deblauwe at gmail dot com.

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