Ensure JUnit test fails when Cypress tests fail

Posted at — Jun 16, 2019
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In my previous blog post on Running Cypress tests with TestContainers for a Spring Boot with Thymeleaf application, I explained how to run Cypress tests as part of a JUnit test. However, the example did not actually fail the test if there are test failures in Cypress. Oops :-)

In order to do that, we can use the support that Testcontainers has for watching the log output and parse that.

This is the full code that will accomplish this and it will also print the number of run tests, number of passed tests and the number of failed tests:

@SpringBootTest(webEnvironment = SpringBootTest.WebEnvironment.RANDOM_PORT)
@AutoConfigureTestDatabase(replace = AutoConfigureTestDatabase.Replace.NONE)
class CypressIntegrationTest {

    private static final Logger LOGGER = LoggerFactory.getLogger(CypressIntegrationTest.class);

    private static final String CYPRESS_VERSION = "3.3.1";

    private static final int MAX_TOTAL_TEST_TIME_IN_MINUTES = 10;

    private int port;

    private UserService userService;

    void runCypressTests() throws InterruptedException {

        // Ensures that the container will be able to access the Spring Boot application that
        // is started via @SpringBootTest

        userService.addAdministrator("admin", "Administrator", "admin", Gender.MALE,
                                     LocalDate.of(1978, Month.DECEMBER, 2));

        CountDownLatch countDownLatch = new CountDownLatch(1);

        try (GenericContainer container = createCypressContainer()) {
            CypressContainerOutputFollower follower = new CypressContainerOutputFollower(countDownLatch);

            boolean success = countDownLatch.await(MAX_TOTAL_TEST_TIME_IN_MINUTES, TimeUnit.MINUTES);
            if (success) {

                // Just sleep a bit extra because 'Run Finished' is not the really last line,
                // but very close to the end


                CypressTestResults results = follower.getResults();

                String resultInformation = String.format("Cypress tests run: %s\n" +
                                                                 "Cypress tests passing: %s\n" +
                                                                 "Cypress tests failing: %s",


                if (results.getNumberOfFailingTests() > 0) {
                    fail("There was a failure running the Cypress tests!\n\n" + resultInformation);

            } else {
                fail("Cypress tests did not finish within %d minute(s)", MAX_TOTAL_TEST_TIME_IN_MINUTES);

    private GenericContainer createCypressContainer() {
        GenericContainer result = new GenericContainer("cypress/included:" + CYPRESS_VERSION);
        result.withClasspathResourceMapping("e2e", "/e2e", BindMode.READ_WRITE);
        result.addEnv("CYPRESS_baseUrl", "http://host.testcontainers.internal:" + port);
        return result;

    private static class CypressContainerOutputFollower implements Consumer {

        private static final Pattern NUMBER_OF_TESTS_REGEX = Pattern.compile(".*│\\s*Tests:\\s*([0-9])*\\s*│.*");
        private static final Pattern NUMBER_OF_PASSING_REGEX = Pattern.compile(".*│\\s*Passing:\\s*([0-9])*\\s*│.*");
        private static final Pattern NUMBER_OF_FAILING_REGEX = Pattern.compile(".*│\\s*Failing:\\s*([0-9])*\\s*│.*");

        private final CountDownLatch countDownLatch;

        private final CypressTestResults results = new CypressTestResults();

        CypressContainerOutputFollower(CountDownLatch countDownLatch) {
            this.countDownLatch = countDownLatch;

        public void accept(OutputFrame outputFrame) {
            String logLine = StringUtils.strip(outputFrame.getUtf8String());
            if (logLine.contains("Run Finished")) {
            } else {

        CypressTestResults getResults() {
            return results;

        private void storeNumberOfTestsIfMatches(String logLine) {
            Matcher matcher = NUMBER_OF_TESTS_REGEX.matcher(logLine);
            if (matcher.matches()) {

        private void storeNumberOfPassingTestsIfMatches(String logLine) {
            Matcher matcher = NUMBER_OF_PASSING_REGEX.matcher(logLine);

            if (matcher.matches()) {

        private void storeNumberOfFailingTestsIfMatches(String logLine) {
            Matcher matcher = NUMBER_OF_FAILING_REGEX.matcher(logLine);

            if (matcher.matches()) {

    private static class CypressTestResults {

        int numberOfTests;
        int numberOfPassingTests;
        int numberOfFailingTests;

        int getNumberOfTests() {
            return numberOfTests;

        void setNumberOfTests(int numberOfTests) {
            this.numberOfTests = numberOfTests;

        int getNumberOfPassingTests() {
            return numberOfPassingTests;

        void setNumberOfPassingTests(int numberOfPassingTests) {
            this.numberOfPassingTests = numberOfPassingTests;

        int getNumberOfFailingTests() {
            return numberOfFailingTests;

        void setNumberOfFailingTests(int numberOfFailingTests) {
            this.numberOfFailingTests = numberOfFailingTests;
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