Using Font Awesome in JavaFX with fontawesomefx

Posted at — Mar 13, 2015

Icons are a great way to spice up any UI. You can easily use the Font Awesome icons in JavaFX, by using the fontawesomefx library.

I will show a small example on how to use the icons in JavaFX code and how to apply some styling.

First import the library. I am using Maven, so I just add this dependency:


We will start with a simple app that uses a BorderPane to put some content at the center and have a kind of header at the top:

public class FontAwesomeTest extends Application {

    public void start(Stage stage) throws Exception {

        StackPane root = new StackPane();
        BorderPane borderPane = new BorderPane();

        HBox headerBox = new HBox();
        headerBox.getStyleClass().add( "header - component");

        Label centerComponent = new Label( "CENTER COMPONENT" );
        centerComponent.setPrefSize(Double.MAX_VALUE, Double.MAX_VALUE);
        centerComponent.getStyleClass().add( "center - component");


        Scene scene = new Scene(root);
        scene.getStylesheets().add( "font - awesome - test.css");

        stage.setTitle( "JavaFX 8 app");;

The CSS file used:

.center-component {
    -fx-background-color: coral;
    -fx-alignment: center;

The app looks like this initially:

screen shot 2015 03 13 at 17 59 59

We will now add an icon in the header:

HBox headerBox = new HBox();
headerBox.getStyleClass().add( "header-component" );
.addAll( GlyphsDude.createIcon( FontAwesomeIcons.BARS,
"40px" ) );

Notice how we use the static factory method createIcon to build us a Node with the icon from the constants in the enum FontAwesomeIcons. As a 2nd argument, we can specify the size of the icon.

We get the following result:

screen shot 2015 03 13 at 18 03 49

We can add some CSS to add a border so the icon does not stick to the side:

.header-component {
    -fx-border-width: 7px;
    -fx-border-color: transparent;

*NOTE:* Do not forget to set the -fx-border-color style as well as the -fx-border-width. Only setting the width will not do anything!

screen shot 2015 03 13 at 18 10 06

If we want to add some text next to the icon, we can use the static factory method createIconLabel:

HBox headerBox = new HBox();
headerBox.getStyleClass().add( "header-component" );

Label iconLabel = GlyphsDude.createIconLabel( FontAwesomeIcons.BARS,
                                            ContentDisplay.LEFT );
iconLabel.getStyleClass().add( "header-label" );
headerBox.getChildren().addAll( iconLabel );

Which shows as:

screen shot 2015 03 13 at 18 13 33

Finally, we can color the icon and the text by applying this CSS:

.header-label > .text {
    -fx-fill: #8A0808;

.header-label > .glyph-icon {
    -fx-fill: #8A0808;

Final result:

screen shot 2015 03 13 at 18 15 09
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